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Fractal River was created to help companies achieve scalable growth, combining a robust, proven methodology, a team of highly skilled engineers, and a very specific blend of senior advisors with extensive experience.

Scale faster

Our story

Today’s economic conditions make it critical to quickly achieve the scalability milestones necessary to grow and raise follow-on rounds of capital while deploying capital effectively and controlling expenses.

At the same time, the technological and business landscape is rapidly changing with the combined impact of Cloud Computing, AI, Globalization, Big Data, DevOps, and more.

As we helped a large number of Startups and Scaleups through the past decade, we found a significant gap in the Seed/Series A to Series B space: companies at this stage still lack key skillsets and don’t have the required bandwidth to effectively create the needed infrastructure.

This often results in structural bottlenecks, wasted capital, and inefficient implementations – particularly in Revenue Operations and Data/Analytics, as these areas are typically new for them.

Over the past few years, we have gradually compiled best practices, found the best tools, incorporated the latest technologies, developed strong expertise and clarified operational methodologies that successfully address these opportunities so entrepreneurs don’t waste capital and time reinventing the wheel.

Our expertise is centered on software startups: about 70% of our clients are Business-to-Business SAAS, 20% Marketplaces (B2B2C), and 10% Business-to-Consumer.

Unlike consulting, staff augmentation or fractional executive companies, Fractal River was created specifically to address the needs of Scaleups: combining proven solutions, agnostic innovative technology, and a very specific team with extensive experience, strong strategic and operational skills, who is in constant touch with the evolving technological landscape.

How we work?

Step 01.

Assess and align.

We begin our engagement with an assessment where we identify gaps, align on priorities and jointly plan goals, metrics, and development targets.

Step 02.

Your new team.

We then put together a fractional Data or RevOps team that works side-by-side with yours, filling missing positions and adding skilled bandwidth.

Step 03.

Scalability buildout.

We deliver on short term objectives while at the same time building the scalable, efficient foundation you need by deploying tools, creating metrics, and defining effective processes.

Step 04.

Training and growth.

At the right time, we can help hire and develop internal teams as needed, preparing them to take over while maintaining best-in-class practices.

Our team

Fractal River, your scalability partner.

Roberto Moctezuma


Roberto heads our Analytics and Data Practice and is also a Venture Advisor at Mercury Fund.
He is a Growth Advisor to multiple scale-ups, and a Member of the Houston Innovation Council.

Danielle Quinton

Growth VP

Danielle heads up our Revenue Operations practice and is also a Venture Advisor at Mercury Fund.
She partners with startups to create scalable customer-facing operations and compelling customer experiences.

Jhovanny Gonzalez

Lead Growth Engineer

Jhovanny Gonzalez is a Senior Growth Engineer for Fractal River, where he helps startups implement analytics infrastructure, automate operations and implement tools that improve the team’s efficiency and accelerate growth.

Laura Salazar

Revenue Ops Specialist

Laura is a Revenue Operation Specialist at Fractal River. With a passion for data analytics, marketing, and sales operations, Laura brings a unique perspective to revenue operations. Her focus is on gaining a deep understanding of clients’ business needs and establishing repeatable processes for sustainable growth.

Elisabeth Köck

Revenue Ops Specialist

Elisabeth helps design and implement sales and marketing operations infrastructure using a variety of tools including Salesforce, HubSpot and more to improve process effectiveness.

Nicolas Medrano

Senior Data Engineer

Nicolás has broad experience in different data fields such as data engineering, data analysis, data science and process automation. As an Industrial Engineer from the University of Costa Rica and accredited engineer from the Canadian Engineering Board, he is a business and entrepreneurship scholar used to develop data infrastructure to solve real business problems.

Matheus Moreira

Senior Data Engineer

Matheus has strong experience working with backend programming, web development, data extraction, data transformation, data loading, database administration, cloud providers and project management. He combines his experience to help clients build creative, scalable and quality solutions.

Auna Freedman

Growth Operations Analyst

Auna worked as a consutant in a variety of industries including oil and gas, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. After several years, Auna joined a sports marketing startup to create and implement processes and business standards to drive and accelerate their growth to $8M in sales – a 4x year-over-year growth.

Paola Schiaffini

Data Engineer

Paola has experience designing, testing and maintaining data management systems and processes such as ETL pipelines, using tools including DBT, Docker and cloud computing tools from AWS and Azure.

Ivan Legorreta

Data Engineer

Ivan is primarily focused on data extraction, cloud function and pipeline creation, cloud orchestration, and data modeling as part of the Fractal River data engineering team.

Manuel Romero

Data Engineer

Manuel is an analytics engineer at Fractal River, focusing on data modelling and quality assurance; he is also a Certified Azure Data Engineer and is currently enrolled in an AI master's program at the University of Essex.

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