A Better Way to Manage Salesforce Page Layouts

Salesforce has always been at the forefront of empowering businesses with customizable and flexible solutions. While page layouts define how a record appears to the end user, their management and flexibility are somewhat limited. Field displays are typically static, and only with record types and page layout assignments could admins achieve a modicum of flexibility. Enter Dynamic Forms.

Dynamic Forms revolutionizes traditional page layouts by offering a plethora of new capabilities and flexibility. Despite the name implying the creation of traditional forms, it’s the new method that Fractal River has adopted for creating and managing page layouts (and we think every Salesforce Admin should too!). Admins can now move fields around on the page, show or hide sections based on specific criteria, and customize layouts without the constraints of traditional page structures.

Highlights of Dynamic Forms

  • Visibility Rules and Granular Control: Dynamic Forms empowers admins to create visibility rules. These rules enable fields, sections, and components to appear based on predefined criteria. 
  • Simplified Page Management:  Say goodbye to managing multiple page layouts for different scenarios. Now page management can be streamlined, reducing the need for multiple layouts and improving page load times.
  • Improved Page Load Times through Lazy-loading Tabs & Accordions: Using tabs and accordions that load only when selected, enhances page load speed and performance. This optimization ensures a smoother user experience, especially for records with extensive data.
  • Seamless Integration: Backward compatibility with existing objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Cases, Opportunities, and custom objects.
  • Easy Upgrade Path: Upgrading existing page layouts to Dynamic Forms is a breeze, requiring a single click.

Use Cases

If you are still wondering about the use cases your company could take advantage of with Dynamic Forms, let us provide you with some examples:

  • Do your Leads have too many fields, requiring extensive scrolling to reach a specific section? With Dynamic Forms, you can break out key metrics into their tab for easy access. 
  • Do you want fields like “Close Loss Reason” on the Opportunity to only show if the Opportunity has been lost? Dynamic Forms allows you to show this field conditionally, using the Opportunity stage field and value.
  • Do you want to show an Opportunity section based on its Account Type? With Dynamic Forms, you can conditionally show a section only when the value of field(s) meets requirements set by related and parent objects.

Dynamic Forms

If you find this impressive, the good news extends even further!  Have you ever wanted to show actions or buttons on records conditionally? Like showing the “Submit for Approval” button only if an Opportunity reaches a certain stage? You’re living in the future, as this is now possible with Dynamic Actions. Dynamic Actions allows you to show actions and buttons conditionally which gives you even more room to customize the user experience.

Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions represent a new way of configuring page layouts, empowering users to navigate and work more efficiently. Fractal River utilizes Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions for our startup clients to tailor their Salesforce experience to be in lockstep with predefined requirements, driving productivity to new heights.


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