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Process automation company

This Series A process automation company had a ticket backlog that was 3x an acceptable level. They had high churn and high support ticket volume. The support team was unable to get through the backlog of tickets and did not have a way of summarizing the issues customers were having to prevent further issues and “stop the bleeding”.

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"If you are a seed or Series A company setting up new processes, I immediately think of Fractal River" - Series A CEO


Within 6 months, ticket satisfaction scores went from 88.9% to above KPI target of 95%


Churn dropped by 48%



Ticket tagging helped identify product themes that product was able to address. Support tickets dropped from 0.53 to 0.33 per active customer



This now-exited Series A company empowered companies to effortlessly integrate diverse business applications. By eliminating manual processes, they enabled data flow automation across various business applications, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.

What was the challenge?


The organization had a significant number of unsatisfied customers, high churn rates, and a large backlog of support tickets. The support team was not well equipped to address the backlog of tickets, lacked a way to summarize customer issues and proactively mitigate future tickets. Both management and board members lacked visibility into the support issues. There were no leadership or operational support metrics.  Management and board members felt blind to the real issues happening.

How we addressed it


Fractal River conducted customer interviews to identify gaps in the customer journey. One of those gaps highlighted the lack of consistent support processes and the discontent with support turn-around-times.  Fractal River recommended and executed an implementation of Zendesk. With our ticket tagging methodology, we allowed the team to identify product deficiencies and prioritize those in the product roadmap. This allowed the team to prevent tickets in the future, rather than just react. 

With improved support processes and data collection, standardized metrics and reporting became possible. These were leveraged operationally by the Customer Success manager to evaluate agent performance, capacity planning/resourcing, and identifying tickets that needed better follow-up. Metrics and reporting also met the pent-up demand of leadership and the Board, enabling them to have better insights into the issues and celebrate the dramatic improvements.

Key benefits


By the first post-implementation board meeting, the new processes and tooling had helped create valuable insights into the reasons behind customer churn, offering a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving dissatisfaction. Additionally, our methodology and new processes provided crucial insights into the existing backlog, equipping the company with the ability to strategically plan and address issues more proactively. A year and a half after our engagement started, the company achieved a significant milestone by being successfully acquired.

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