Onboarding Time-To-Value

Explosive growth drove the need to quickly scale onboarding processes and tools

Veterinary Workflow Platform: Otto (formerly TeleVet)
explosive growth drove the need to quickly scale onboarding processes and tools

Fractal River implemented a People, Process, Technology (PPT) digital transformation strategy that reduced time to value by 45%, improved onboarding production by 17.5x, eliminated the Onboarding backlog, and reduced debooking and churn risk. Eighteen months post-implementation this process, built with scalability in mind, continues to support the Otto business.



Otto (formerly TeleVet) provides software to veterinary clinics to manage multiple aspects of their operations, including scheduling, pet-parent communications, after-hours triage, payments, and digital prescription refills. Its practice management system also integrates with platforms veterinary clinics are already using to make a seamless operational environment.

What was the challenge?


Otto was adding 100+ customers a month to the platform, overwhelming the existing Onboarding infrastructure and resources, and creating a backlog that created debooking and churn risk. Fractal River was asked to put a scalable model in place that would:

  • Quickly address the growing backlog
  • Build a scalable Onboarding process that would improve time to value
  • Provide leadership visibility to the Onboarding progress and performance

How we addressed it


Fractal River implemented a People, Process, Technology (PPT) digital transformation strategy with support from Otto leadership. We began by analyzing the shape of the backlog, reviewing the sales pipeline, and building a capacity planning model. While the 1.5 employees responsible for Onboarding were doing a great job, it was clear that there weren’t enough people, processes, or tooling in place to make this scalable.

We started with process. By defining the most streamlined process possible, we had the basis for tooling, as well as clarity on our hiring needs. Utilizing several in-person working sessions the Otto product/customer experts teamed with the Fractal River process experts to design an Onboarding process that was both trackable and administratively light.

Once we had the process, it became clear that it was reasonable for an Onboarding Specialist to implement 15-18 new customers a month. We selected a leader for the growing team. Fractal River, in conjunction with Otto’s phenomenal in-house recruiter, hired seven Onboarding Specialists in under four weeks and began training them on product and process.

In parallel with our hiring efforts, we knew that we needed to put the supporting tooling in place to reinforce the process. Utilizing existing technology to manage expenses and reduce time-to-value, we chose to implement the Onboarding process in Salesforce utilizing a combination of standard and custom objects combined with Calendly. If the Onboarding process had been more complex, we might have recommended a solution like TaskRay. Or if the organization design had been different, we might have considered using Journeys in ChurnZero. The Salesforce/Calendly solution gave us a consistent, semi-automated, light administration Onboarding experience that collected enough data to make both progress and performance visible to leadership.

Knowing that we had a significant backlog, we also took an extra step – we temporarily offered tiered incentive pay for meeting and exceeding monthly Onboarding goals.

Lastly, we invested in functional and individual Salesforce dashboards that allowed leadership and management to monitor progress and performance. The contents of these dashboards became part of the weekly leadership KPIs.

Key benefits


The project delivered the following benefits:

  • Within two months we had increased Onboardings by 5x
  • Within four months we had delivered a sustainable 17.5x increase in Onboardings, while simultaneously reducing time to value from 60 days to 27 days
  • The backlog was eliminated within 6 months
  • After the initial implementation, we added automation and process improvements that increased production by an additional 2 Onboardings per Onboarding Specialist per month
  • Provided standardized reporting and dashboarding to allow Onboarding Specialists to track their performance, for the Onboarding Manager to monitor and coach staff, for Leadership visibility and KPI reporting, and Board reporting
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