Data Lakes & Warehouses

Laundry Management: LinenMaster

The leading provider of laundry management software created a new Data Lake/Data Warehouse, bringing data from hundreds of MySQL and MS-SQL databases to power customer analytics across their product line. Fractal River work included definition of architecture, creation of data catalog and data pipelines, and all data engineering & visualization work to migrate existing reports and dashboards to an embedded analytics and white-label solution.

Returns Management: ReturnLogic

ReturnLogic, a Returns Management platform, overhauled its reporting capabilities, transitioning from its existing legacy system to a dynamic, responsive suite of analytical tools in a transformative collaboration with Fractal River. The integration of a powerful Data Lakehouse, coupled with sophisticated data modeling and advanced algorithms supported a state-of-the-art embedded Looker visualization layer. This revamp not only accelerated report generation, ensuring rapid access to accurate data, but also set the foundation for advanced analytics capabilities, marking a leap forward in the platform’s value proposition to its customers.
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