AI and Conversational Interfaces

Create Conversational Interfaces to allow your users to chat with your data or interact with your application.

Leverage cutting-edge AI and Large Language Models to automatically ingest unstructured data, unlock powerful insights, and enable predictive & prescriptive capabilities from your Data Lake or Data Warehouse.

Common issues
our customers face

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3 Tools

Many startups need to routinely ingest large volumes of unstructured customer data, but struggle to effectively process and gain insights from it due to its complexity and variability. This unstructured data often contains valuable insights that remain untapped, or has to be processed manually by data teams, who spend hours extracting the data and processing it in spreadsheets to make it conform to standard formats and parameters.

Accessing and querying structured data in a data warehouse can be a technical challenge for customers or non-technical team members, leading to underutilization of valuable data resources. The ability to use natural language to query this type of data enables them to seek out answers to their questions on their own – accelerating their time-to-insight and reducing the load on engineers or data analysts.

Without advanced analytical tools, startups miss out on the opportunity to analyze customer data for patterns and to predict future outcomes, crucial for proactive business strategies and product differentiation through smart features.

Analyzing the vast amount of information contained in customer conversations has been impractical. Now, new AI capabilities allow startups to tap into their customer interaction data, connect it to their operational tools, and enable insights for revenue-generating activities and/or product capabilities.

AI-driven breakthroughs

Our AI/Large Language Models services enable software startups to transform their Data Lakes or Data Warehouses into strategic assets. By applying AI models and LLMs, we facilitate the ingestion and analysis of unstructured data, unlocking its potential.

Natural language processing capabilities allow the creation of Conversational Interfaces, enabling intuitive, natural-language interaction with both data and applications and making them more accessible to customers and team members.

Beyond enhancing data accessibility, we build solutions that leverage AI to detect patterns and predict outcomes, providing valuable foresight into customer behaviors and market trends. This predictive capability is crucial for tailoring customer experiences and staying ahead of the competition.

With AI and LLM integration, your company can not only interpret vast data sets of unstructured data, but also facilitate interactions to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in your market.

Conversational Interfaces: Empower your data and application with AI

Using AI to facilitate customer interactions

Dive into the story of how in only three months a SaaS startup transformed its customer experience with Fractal River’s services. By using AI/LLM to create a Conversational Interface with their data, they enabled a new way for their customers to derive value and get the answers they need, while reducing cost, speeding up their roadmap and gaining a competitive advantage at the same time.

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