CRM Optimization

Streamline your sales processes and amplify customer engagement by implementing a state-of-the-art CRM solution to manage your customers and revenue operations. If you need a new instance, or you need yours tuned-up, we can help you with experience, bandwidth, and best practices.

Common issues
our customers face

1 People
2 Processes
3 Tools

B2B SaaS startups often have sales processes that evolve organically, which can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. A properly configured CRM system can streamline these processes, but selecting and implementing the right one is a challenge for many startups.

Startups may use different systems for marketing, sales, and customer service, resulting in data silos that impede a unified view of the customer journey. Effective CRM integration is crucial to overcome these barriers, but it requires expertise that startups may not have in-house.

Even after choosing a CRM, getting the entire team to adopt it can be difficult. Startups need to manage this change effectively to ensure that the CRM becomes an integral part of their operations.

Out-of-the-box CRM solutions often require customization to align with a startup’s specific business goals and processes. Without customization, the CRM system may not fully meet the startup’s needs, leading to suboptimal use of the technology. On the other hand, overly customizing a CRM system too early can lead to unnecessary complexity, brittleness and high cost as the business needs of the startup evolve.

Accelerating growth

Our CRM Implementation and Optimization service is specifically designed for B2B SaaS startups looking to establish or enhance their customer relationship management systems. We understand that the heart of every successful startup is its ability to acquire, serve, and retain customers efficiently. That’s why we offer bespoke CRM solutions that fit your unique business model and processes. From selecting the right platform to customizing it to fit your startup’s needs, we handle every step to ensure your CRM system is a growth catalyst rather than just another tool.

Beyond implementation, our focus is on driving CRM adoption across your organization through strategic change management and training tailored to your team’s needs. We work with you to integrate the CRM with your existing tech stack, eliminating data silos and creating a single source of truth for all customer interactions. Our optimization strategies are designed to continuously align the CRM with your evolving business objectives, ensuring that your sales and marketing efforts are always running at peak performance. With our expert guidance, your startup will not only have a powerful CRM system in place but will also be able to leverage its full potential to drive revenue and growth.

Implementing the pulse of your business: CRM solutions drive startup success.

Series A startup reimplements Salesforce to enable growth

Read how a B2B SaaS startup, transformed their customer management by partnering with us for CRM optimization. In their case, a historical Salesforce implementation had grown in complexity and inefficiency to the point where it was practically unusable.

By partnering with Fractal River, they were able to set up a new implementation of Salesforce and associated systems (Calendly, Gong, ZoomInfo, etc), retrain the teams, and effectively migrate to a simpler, cost-effective,  scalable platform that truly represented their business model.


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