Data Lakes and Warehouses

Build a centralized, scalable data storage solution that stores, scales and secures your data. Add a semantic layer that makes data consistent across use cases and eliminates confusion in the company.

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Startups often outgrow their initial data storage solutions quickly. Normally, product data is stored in transactional databases, which don’t scale as the volume of historical data ramps up – leading to performance and cost issues. They need data storage that can scale with their growth without becoming prohibitively expensive or complex to manage.

With the influx of unstructured data from various sources, startups struggle to organize, store, and analyze this data effectively. Without proper management, valuable insights hidden within this data remain untapped. This becomes especially important in today’s world, where emerging AI and LLM capabilities enable the creation of new sources of value from this type of data.

It used to be that the creation of a Data Warehouse was one-way: merely the extraction of data from different systems so it could be reported on. No more. Today, the insights and valuable data derived in the Analytics stack are needed both in the application and in the systems used across the entire customer journey (Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, Finance, etc.) so customers and employees alike can leverage data in their daily operations.


Protecting data against breaches and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving data protection regulations is a significant concern for startups. They need robust security and compliance measures built into their entire analytics stack.

Building a foundation for growth

Our Data Lake and Warehousing services help SaaS startups create the foundation to store vast amounts of structured and unstructured data in a centralized, scalable environment. 

Our data warehousing techniques ensure that your data is optimized for efficient querying and analysis, enabling you to gain insights and drive decision-making.

At the same time, we help you create a ‘glide path’ that optimizes cost, using a modular approach that lets you start with very cost-effective solutions and then grows with your company as it scales orders of magnitude.

We understand the importance of integrating this central Data Lake and Warehouse with your existing operations. Our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth integration process, which includes the creation of a semantic layer (including a Master Data Model and Data Catalog), to maintain the integrity and consistency of the data throughout multiple systems and get your company aligned.

Security and compliance are at the forefront of our design, providing you with peace of mind that your data is protected and your business is adhering to relevant regulations. With our data services, your startup will be well-equipped to handle the data demands of today’s business environment and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Your Data Lake and Warehouse: creating maximum value from data.

B2B startup creates centralized analytics infrastructure to power new data offerings.

A growing B2B SAAS startup in the healthcare sector needed to create a centralized Data Lake and Data Warehouse that would host data from hundreds of customers as well as their internal systems – organizing it in a coherent way that could support multiple use cases: including internal analytics, embedded analytics, AI/LLM capabilities, operational integration and the creation of new data products.

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