Internal Analytics

We help you create a robust analytics platform to address your team’s reporting needs, including managed dashboards, difficult to obtain cross-functional metrics, powerful cohort-based customer analysis, board-level indicators/KPIs and tools for self-service data exploration.

Common issues
our customers face

1 People
2 Processes
3 Tools

Startups often operate with lean teams and lack dedicated data specialists to address analytics needs. This results in ad hoc, inconsistent reporting methods that fail to provide the ongoing insights necessary for strategic decision-making.

Without the right tools, startups tend to rely on manual processes for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data, which is time-consuming, prone to error, and not scalable as the company grows.

In a dynamic startup environment, out-of-date information can lead to missed opportunities. Startups need the ability to generate real-time reports that reflect the latest data to stay agile and informed.

Team members frequently struggle to access or visualize the data they need when they need it, leading to delays in insight and action. Startups need solutions that democratize data access while ensuring data governance and security.

Many startups suffer from a lack of trust in the data, because it comes from a variety of manual processes and is based on nebulous definitions with no alignment on what the data model or data catalog of the company should be.

Delivering trusted data

In the rapidly evolving landscape of B2B SaaS, agility in decision-making is crucial. To address this, we help implement a powerful analytics stack with intuitive tools that enable every member of your organization to create, customize, and consume reports that inform their work. By simplifying the reporting process, we facilitate a self-sufficient, data-literate culture where insights are readily available and actionable.

We begin by building a modular architecture that separates data ingestion, transformation, and visualization. After ingesting data from all required sources, we define a semantic layer that correlates these pieces of data to create your company’s Data Model and Data Catalog, clarifying concepts, terms, and metrics so everyone in the organization is aligned around them.

The Data Model then powers your visualization layer, which includes reports, alerts, dashboards, charts, etc. We deliver these using flexible platforms that cater to various proficiency levels, allowing users to dive as deep as their skills permit. From simple drag-and-drop interfaces for basic reporting to advanced analytical capabilities for data enthusiasts. 

One common deliverable are customer models that allow you to get insights into unit economics and CLV, CAC, and retention.

We incorporate robust software development practices and tools into your Data capabilities, including testing, version control, monitoring, infrastructure-as-code, and more. These ensure that your team will always have fresh, reliable data that is seamlessly integrated from all sources – creating a single source of truth that’s accessible to everyone on the team. 

Empower your team with insights: get fresh, trusted metrics and data.

B2B2C startup develops integrated analytics platform to become data-driven

Discover how a growing SaaS startup leveraged analytics tools to go from data chaos to clarity. By creating a robust Data Model that rigorously defined concepts and metrics, they transformed their approach to data, enabling every team member to extract, analyze, and act upon real-time insights.

This discipline around data enabled the company to accelerate growth and reach their next funding round at a much higher valuation.

We deliver scalability